Welcome to Three Rivers Meat Company!

 Thanks for looking us up because we appreciate your interest. It has taken two years of planning and paperwork to get to this point but now we are finally ready to start construction! Through out this process there has been a lot of interest and excitement about this project. We have tried very hard to design a facility and business that everyone involved and the community can be proud of. Our goal is to be able to provide extra processing capacity in the area so that families can get an animal butchered for their freezer, ranchers can start or continue their own branded beef program so they can start realizing more profit from their animals and hard work or smaller home raised pork producers can get their hogs processed. Being USDA inspected means the opportunities are endless and we want to work with you to help develop your program.

Besides USDA inspected processing there are three other main components to Three Rivers Meat Company. The second is Value Added Processing. Half of the facility is dedicated to making products like beef jerky, snack sticks, sausages, bratwurst, cured hams, and a wide range of smoked cooked items. We’re very excited about this side of the operation as well and have on board one of the most award winning jerky and sausage makers in the business. Third, we will seasonly process wild game in a separate facility. One point we would like to stress is no matter if it’s a deer, beef or hog, the animal you bring is the animal you take home. We have a tracking and weighing system designed to ensure that you get your animal and all of your animal every time. This is very important to us.

Lastly we have what we hope is the shining star of our facility and that is the retail store. We have dedicated 3500 sf to the retail portion that includes fresh meat and deli cases loaded with your favorite cuts of meat, pre made items, deli meats that are some made in-house and a wide selection of cheeses. There are freezer and coolers sections stocked with almost every product you need to feed your family or have a BBQ. Also designed is a certified kitchen so that we can make many of the pre made deli items and daily lunch menu selections. This is all combined with a small seating area so that your visit to our store can be a great experience. We are looking forward to serving you. All of this time spent planning and designing is so that Three Rivers Meat Company can be the best neighbor and partner in the community. We also want to be a great employer. A very large amount of time was spent designing the best work environment and accommodations that we possibly can. We have many different jobs available and would love for you fill out an application as soon as you can. Our opening is planned for summer 2023 but will start the hiring and training process many months earlier. If you don’t have experience then don’t worry because we have the ability to train almost anyone! All applications will be kept private and discreet. Salaries, wages and benefits are yet to be determined at this point but will be competitive. To fill out an application go to the “apply here” tab and check as many boxes as you are interested in and tell us a little bit about yourself. We look forward to receiving your application.

Thank you so much – Three Rivers Meat Company


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